Drawn by MissHuntress-0

Andromeda is the firstborn child of Starfall Soulimity and Hyperfrost Soulimity . She is an aspiring Mage as well as Adventurer. She is the Queen of the Ice Ream in the underworld, and part of the High Demon Council.

Basic Info

Name: Andromeda Soulimity

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Species: Ice Demon

Alignment: Good


Andromeda is an calm, kind and collected. She has a childish side to her, though, as she can be seen giggling about things every now and then.


-Ice, the cold







-Not getting what she wants

-Getting to hot


-Hyperfrost Soulimity (Father, deceased)

-Starfall Soulimity (Mother)

-Edgar Soulimity (Half-Brother)

-Kune Soulimity (Brother)


-Somewhat able to control Ice

-Minor knowlage in magic


-Weak to fire and heat in general


Andromeda Ref

Apparently, Drakodemonweapon does not remember that I redesigned her and needs to use this picture as a reference XD -MissHuntress

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