"But I wanna run!" - Angel the Hedgehog 
Angel Redesign Shaded

Angel the Hedgehog by WildgirlN

Angel is a character created by User:WildgirlN's sister, A.

Basic Info

She is ten years old.

She is a female hedgehog.


Angel has medium purple fur. Her muzzle, her arms and the insides of her ears are deep brown. She has bright yellow eyes. She wears a medium-sleeved, fringed light purple top with black lining and a yellow star, black shorts, light purple shoes with a yellow star and a light purple and yellow flower hair clip. She wears a pair of purple-tinted black goggles with a yellow strap, either around her neck or on her head.


Angel is a generally excitable girl. She is very strong-willed and likes to get her own way. She can be very obnoxious.

Non-Romantic Relationships

Rose the Fox

Rose is Angel's best friend.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Angel admires Sonic a lot, and wants to be able to run as fast as he can.

Romantic Relationships

Tails the Fox

Angel used to have a slight crush on Tails, now they are just buddies. 

SJ the Hedgecat

Sangel Running 1

Angel dragging SJ (See! They're best friends!)

Angel and SJ have a future romantic relationship. For now, they're just friends. Angel can be a bit too excited at times, and likes to drag SJ behind her whenever they go running. SJ is a bit intimidated by Angel's energy, but he deals with it.


Angel has only one power; super speed. She can run about 3/4 the speed of Sonic.

Fans of this Character

ohioruth // Angel is cute :)


  • Angel used to be an Amy recolor.