Araminta (Are) the Fox

Are the Fox is a blue fox with amber eyes wearing red striped shoes, a red shirt with pink sleeves, long white gloves with purple cuffs, a white and pink headband, pink lacy socks, purple jacket, and pink skirt.


Are is kind, but reserved. She likes to make jokes around her friends, but can be absent minded. She can be rude if bothered.

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Araminta the Fox


Tails the Fox

Are and Tails have been best friends ever since he defended her from bullies when they were both 5. Ever since then, Are developed a crush on him. Are is nice to girls who are close to him and tries to hide her jealousy. Tails considers Are  as just a friend, which got Are down. But, nonetheless, Tails will protect Are whenever she needs it.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Are and Sonic developed a distant friendship when Tails invited her to join the crew. But, when Sonic and Knuckles teased her about her nickname at first, going as far as asking her "Are you a Fox?" causing Are to force everyone to call her by her full name, Araminta, for a short amount of time. this also lead to Are not being very fond of Sonic.

Knuckles the Echidna

Are doesn't seem to like Knuckles either, probably because of the "Are you a Fox" incident.

Amy Rose

Are and Amy became best friends when Amy took her and Cream out shopping, and convincing Are to let everyone call her "Are" instead of her full name. Amy also helped Are relax when she was mad at Sonic and Knuckles.

Cream the Rabbit

Are and Cream became best friends because Cream helped comfort her along with Amy and Cheese. They also share many interests such as cooking, playing, and drawing.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Are doesn't like Shadow the Hedgehog because he underestimated her and tried to use her to get him chaos emeralds, and he often teases her about being a "useless baby fox".

Prim the Cat

Are and Prim the Cat barely know eachother but have made contact once or twice. Prim thinks Are is cute but Are thinks it's annoying being called a CutiePie all day.

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