Blossom the Cat


Blossom is a tiny, adorable kitten, created by User:WildgirlN's sister, S.

Basic Info

Blossom is about four years old. She is a female kitten.


Despite her young age and delicate appearance, Blossom is curious and fearless. She tends to get herself into trouble when she wanders into dangerous situations.


Blossom is a long-haired, golden kitten. She has bright blue eyes. Her muzzle and the insides of her ears are very light blue. She wears a long-sleeved dress and shoes in varying shades of pink.


Blossom has the passive power to grow flowers wherever she goes. In addition, if she is attacked and there are flowers nearby, the flowers will leap up and try to block the attacker, often with very limited success, as flowers are very weak compared to the average attacker.