Cameron is a calm cat owned by User:MinecraftFan11onScratch.

Cameron the Cat

Made in Gen8 Furry Doll Maker


Name:Cameron Ruby Diamond






Cameron is Very Calm,Intelligent and Respectfull Boy,aways Knowing what is Right and What is Not Right.Cameron is Friendly,and Stay very Cheerful and Joyous when His Friends doe the Same.Cameron see Cyrus the Hedgehog was an Rival to Him.Also,Cameron does Not like the Fact that Cyurs doens't Have Control Over His Egoistical Personality.


Cameron,with the Help of His Gloves,Can Summon Ruby's and Diamonds to Throw against the Opponent (He Make Ruby with the Right Hand and Diamond in the Left Hand).Cameron also can Turn into Various White Bird's that Hit His Opponent.Cameron can Run and Left Shadow's that Can Confuses the Opponent.Cameron can Use the Sun/Moon to Throw an Powerfull Light Blast.He Show's to Be Very Fast.


Cameron is Cared much By His Father and Mother about Psychology because his Fear of Bat's.He Have,Amazingly,Love White Bird's,and Everytime that Him is an Psychology Bad Situation,He Always THinks in White Bird's to Calm Himself.

Cameron ended,In a Certain Time,Seeing Cyrus using His Power to turn Various Bats.Cameron's Fear of Bat's maked Cameron too Desperate that,Without Control,Used His Power To Turn White Bird's that Attack His Opponent,Attacking Cyurs.Cyrus stayed too Annoyed with Cameron that Cyrus Started to Look to Cameron was an Rival.An Thing that Maked Cameron also Look to Cyrus was an Rival.



  • Pamela Ruby Diamond/Pamela the Cat (Mother)
  • Carlin Ruby Diamond/Carlin the Cat (Father)


  • Sonic the Hedgehog


  • Cyrus the Hedgehog


  • None for Now


Normal Theme Song

Awoken H8 Seed WoodenToaster04:43

Awoken H8 Seed WoodenToaster

Stage Theme Song

Pokemon Black & White - Ending Theme02:23

Pokemon Black & White - Ending Theme

Boos Theme Song

Awoken 16bit cover by the8bitbrony (Original by Glaze and H8 seed)04:52

Awoken 16bit cover by the8bitbrony (Original by Glaze and H8 seed)


  • Cameron,In relaction to His Temporally-Shapting Power,Is Considered an possibly Opposity of Cyrus due From Types.


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