Chess the Cat is a brown cat and a close friend of Shadow the Hedgehog.                                                         


Chess the Cat was a normal cat. But one day, there was an explosion of radiation - This gave her these "Glowy" Powers. She uses them to fight. This radiation incident is also the cause of her eyes glowing when she's happy. [More to come soon]


Chess' personality is pretty simple, she's very friendly and cheerful. She also shows to have a bashful and childish side at times, often leading to her being called "cute". (She's like a slightly less childish version of Tech the Bat? xD)


'Glow' powers; an aqua-green aura that comes out of her hands and has similar effects to moves like Chaos Spear and Chaos Blast


Since the explosion changed a lot of her body, she is now immune to explosions.


Sometimes she acts a little bit clumsy. Sometimes she may also accidentily glow so much that she blinds another hero temporarily.

MissAquaAnime's Recolor Video

I thought this was so good I just HAD to put it on her page.

Recolour 2 Amy Rose To Chess The Cat04:58

Recolour 2 Amy Rose To Chess The Cat




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