Cyan the Cat 1 Shaded

Cyan's ID picture (drawn badly by wildgirlN)

Cyan is a cat. She was bought from User:MissAquaAnime and is currently shared by User:WildgirlN and User:SapphireLegend. Either one of her owners may use her, although they may fight over what kinds of things to add to her page.

Basic Info

As stated above, Cyan is a cat. She is seventeen years old. Obviously, she is female.


  • Cy
  • Xyan


Cyan has cyan fur with light cyan highlights. She also has long cyan hair. She has bright yellow eyes and her muzzle and the insides of her ears are light blue. She wears an off-the-shoulder blue top with a cyan gem, a blue skirt with a part, two blue bracelets with two cyan gems and blue boots.


Cyan is a rather calm, smart cat. She is afraid of crowds and prefers to stay inside whenever possible. However, her desire to do good overrides this and she sometimes goes out on missions to defeat enemies.


"I'm more powerful than you think. I control the world's colors, and that is a very dangerous thing indeed."

"You doubt my abilities? I don't think you want a demonstration."


As you might guess from her name, Cyan has cyan powers. More specifically, she has the ability to manipulate the cyan content of any colors in her sight range. Although this power might not be of much use to a less smart Mobian, Cyan is quite smart and has found a couple of uses for her power.

  • She uses her color manipulation powers to confuse enemies by rapidly changing the colors around them. This can provoke nasuea, disorientation and dizziness in anyone who tries to attack her.
  • Since she is almost completely blue, if Cyan stands up against something blue, she can manipulate her own colors and blend into the blue background. With her eyes closed, this makes her almost completely invisible.


Cyan is very weak against non-organic enemies such as robots, who aren't very affected by rapidly changing the colors around them. Also, the fact that she carries no real weapons means that she cannot defend herself in close combat situations.


  • The fact that Cyan is sometimes nicknamed "Xyan" is a nod to the fact that User:SapphireLegend originally wanted her name to be Xyan.