Dong Kim the Rabbit is an Character created by User:MinecraftFan11onScratch .

He was the Genderbent Zone version of Jin Kim the Rabbit

Dong Kim the Rabbit

Dong Kim Main Picture


Dong Kim was Like his Counterpart,Jin Kim the Rabbit.But also,Dong Kim was an Little weird.


Dong Kim have an Pink Fringe,Pink Blouse,Dark Hot Pink Pants,Lavender boots with an Pink Fire effect and a Figure of An Flame in His android Arm for Difference the Appearence of Jin Kim.


Dong Kim's Backstory is Same of Jin Kim.The Only difference is That Jong Moon (The Aunt of Original Jin Kim) was Replaced with His Uncle,High Moon,and Seong Wook was Replaced with Sonia Wook.


  • Dong Kim's,like Jin Kim,have also an Rival,and was the Genderbent of Haneul Han:Myeong Han.

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