Edgar Soulimity, drawn by MissHuntress

Edgar is Starfalls' secondborn child, and the son of Kurayami, however he has been purified of his demon blood, and is now pure verdesiodan.

Basic Info

Name: Edgar Soulimity

Gender: Male

Age: 6

Species: Verdesiodan (I have permission from MissHuntress to use this)

Alignment: Good


Edgar is a shy, gentle and kindhearted boy. He is very close to his mother, sister and father, and few things make him happier then making them happy.


-Making others Happy

-Helping others



-Healing others



-Seeing others sad

-Getting hurt



-Able to heal others

-When happy, is able to fly

-When angry, strength increases to an incredibly high level

-When scared, speed increases dramatically

-When sad, lets off powerful waves of negative energy


-Is scared of new people

-Easily tricked


-Starfall Soulimity (Mother)

-Kurayami Haydes (Father)

-Hyperfrost Soulimity (Adopted Father)

-Andromeda Soulimity (Half Older Sister)

-Kune Soulimity (Half Younger Brother)

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