You must follow these guide lines when posting characters on the wiki. The only exception are joke fan characters, which must be put on the Shame Board if they are a joke character. If a character you have breaks these rules, either change the character, or don't post it.

These guide lines are in place to prevent low-quality FCs from covering our wiki.

Tails 5

A typical repaint character

  • 1. Don't just quickly recolor a popular picture to make your FC. Recolor characters are not very popular, and not very original. If you can't draw well, try using a Sonic Character Maker, or a base. I made a quick recolor of Tails for an illustration. Don't make characters like that.
  • 2. Don't overpower your character. Balance out their strengths with weaknesses.
  • 3. Don't make your character too perfect. Give them some flaws, like anger issues or an obsession with how they look. Perfect characters are often called "Mary-Sues", and are generally hated by those in the Sonic fandom.
  • 4. Don't spam sonic fan character creator characters. Once or twice is fine, just making heaps sonic character creator characters because it's easy, spams the pages and drowns out those with complete originality that people have worked hard on.
  • 5. Don't just quickly whip up fan character after fan character with short bios like;

Name: Leeli

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Personality: Happy

Powers: Fire

  • like in rule number 4, it clogs up the catergory pages. If you're going to have heaps of fcs at least put some character into them, and try to make them as far away as two dimensional as possible.