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Hall of All-time Fame!

Gold the Wolf -December 2014

(Art to be added)

Q and A

What is the Hall of Fame?

-Well, Like the title explains, this is where winners of the monthly contest go.

How do you sign up?

-Simple! When the Hall's contest is open for new OC's, just post a link to

your OC in the comments!

Contest? Wha??

-Unlike the Featured Character contest, this particular contest is going to be held by

popularity! After we get the line ups for the OC's, votes will be placed in from other

users. The OC with the most votes will be put up on the Hall of Fame for a

month. (and sometimes, Cleo Kress may make a portrait of the winners)

Are there any rules?

-Yes, there is! Firstly you can't vote for yourself (theirs no fun in that) And secondly,

MAKE SURE YOUR OC'S PAGE IS UNDERSTANDABLE! We won't be judging it, others

will be! If your character looses, you'll probably have slimmer chances of wining by entering the same OC again. Last point, You can't enter multiple OC's! One OC per user, kay'?




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