Kurayami Haydes, drawn by MissHuntress for me

Kurayami Haydes is the next heir to the throne of the underworld. He is cocky, headstrong and proud, but not very good at strategic battle.

He does not enjoy strategy, and would rather jump and flail his weapons around like a maniac while burning everything around him then learn proper fighting technique.

Basic Info

Name: Kurayami Haydes

Species: Demon

Eye Color: Red

Gender: Male

Likes: Destruction, Women, Boasting about himself, Himself, Fire

Dislikes: Strategy, Demonweapons, Peace, Disrespect towards himself, mortals, morals


Kurayami is able to summon and wield fire, and bend it to his will. Although he prefers to use his near indestructible shield-like sword, he will summon fire if he feels he can use it to undermine his opponent. Though since he likes to show off, he more typically uses it to make an extreme entrance whenever he teleports somewhere.

As just mentioned, Kurayami is also able to teleport between this realm and the Underworld.


Kurayami is the secondborn of Haydes, king of the Underworld. His only other sibling he is aware of his is Sister Kuraa, who he has since killed in order to steal her power. He also is unaware of his mother being alive. List of Family figures: Haydes(Father), Carnage(Mother), Kuraa(Sister), Volten(Half-sibling), Drako(Genetic Brother), Venufairin(Adopted Mother), Karthok(Adopted father, deceased), Edgar(Son), Raeon(Son), Cotton(Daughter),


Kurayami was born as the second child of Haydes. His mother, Carnage, had originally plotted to bear Haydes children, so that later in life she could drain Haydes as well as her children of their power, and destroy everything. Eventually she was found out and imprisoned, but Kurayami and Kuraa were told she was deceased. Because of this, Kurayami has never actually met his mother. Kurayami grew older, and his desire for a queen of his own and an hier to his throne grew with him. Eventually his sister Kuraa betrayed Haydes and left on her own, making Kurayami the hier to the throne by default. Kurayami grew a new hate for his sister, and desired to kill her, witch eventually did happen. However he grew another hatred towards a different individual. Haydes had commissioned a living weapon, a "demonweapon" to be created by his blood. This creature was Drako. As Drako grew more powerful, Haydes desired control over him more and more, as Drako rebelled and killed many more demons. Kurayami grew jealous of his father's constant rabblings of controlling Drako, and eventually set out to kill him. To this day, Drako is Kurayami's sworn enemy and arch nemesis, and Kurayami sets out to kill him every chance he gets.