Lavos is the God of Destruction. He originally fell to the planet in the prehistoric Earth era, wiping out the dinosaurs. His coming caused the Ice Age, allowing for the Kingdom of Zeal to come into being. In 1999 AD, Lavos rose up and caused the apocalypse, which would leave the planet in a ruined state for the next 400 years, until Xon intervened and healed the planet, sowing the seeds of new life. Eventually, Lavos would rise again, being defeated by an unknown being, a piece of his shell known as the Frozen Flame being the only thing remaining of him, which was used when Slavok Algato defeated Xykor, and then it was sealed away on North Island. The Frozen Flame wouldn't be discovered again until one fateful day, when Cythan Algato discovered it during the Elizabeth Incident. He proceeded to harness the power of Lavos to defeat Elizabeth twice.

Gold-blooded individuals can harness the Frozen Flame to its full potential, allowing for an Entity Link to be formed, where the individual shares their body with Lavos, gaining his tremendous power. The most notable link is the Lavothyian, the link between Cythan and Lavos.