Midnight is a Black Leopard/Panther who has Emerald Green eyes. She has the ability to turn into a Spirit and has the power of the Stars and Cosmos. She is also a powerful being.


Name: Midnight



Species:Mobian and can change into a Spirit

Animal: Leopard (Pantherus Catus)

Apprearance: Black Leopard with Night Black Spots and Emerald Green Eyes


Her mother Swift had a power to give Omens and Prophecies. Her mother's gift was so great she was captured and tooken prisoner which left young Midnight alone for many years. At age 19 she was a good tree climber hunter and healer for her wounds that she had gotton from intruders which left her with scars. Until she decided to move out of the Forest the place he had called home. She was found sleeping in a tree with a black hood and scarf by Sonic. Sonic noticed that Midnight wasn't or couldn't find food. He took her in and became one with the team.


She found out that she could change into a Spirit when she was 21. She found the freedom to fly and to do what she wants. She was hearing whispers of Prophecies and Warnings,even Omens. She recused her mother and her mother lived peacefully with her only daughter. Midnight found that she had Swift's Talent for wounds and herbs and became a healer for Sonic's Team. Soon she found out she had the power of the stars which made her more powerful. She fought in battles bravely and will until her last breath. She helps Sonic understand her Prophecies,Omens,or Warning that the whispers in her ears told her. She doesntt know where her whispers she canhearr come from but she knows it will help the team. She sat quietly for Warnings or Prophecies. But soon she retired and decided to live with her own people who had the same Star Powers like her but the power to change into a spirit or to give Prophecies.


She is a Black Leopard/Panther. She has Emerald Green eyes and Sharp Claws. She wears black pants with black combat boots. She wears a Dark Gray shirt that stops a little above her knees and a hood that covers her eyes along with a black scarf that covers her mouth so no one can recognize her.

Likes and Dislikes




-The Sky

-The Moon

-Quiet Places

-Climbing Trees



-Loud Places


-Cloudy Days


Her powers may be different from ofter Starrians but she is a powerful one. The reason why she can change into a spirit is that some of the ancestors of the Starrians gave her the power to give signs and warnings to help ofter people like Sonic's team. She found freedom with flying being in space and near the stars where her people had got their name. She is fond with her powers and use them for the good.