Misteria Crvent-Vuk
Misteria Pixel
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 27
Status Married
Physical attributes
Height 90cm
Weight 20kg
Misteria belongs to xXElectric-HybridXx

Misteria the Hedgewolf (born Misteria Sapphire Crvent-Vuk) is a Sonic Fan Character and granddaughter of an Aquline Nobleman, Zakirot Crvent-Vuk. Misteria is an engineer for G.U.N who helps as a waitress at her brother's café when she needs to.


Early Life

Misteria was born to Alacia and Altha Crvent-Vuk in Soleanna. She grew up with her parents and brothers Jacob and Nathaniel. For most of her childhood, she attended Soleanna Primary with Nathan and their best friends Anya, Pablo and Adam. The four also attended the same secondary school.

Misteria was often described as a delinquent at school despite having supernatural intelligence and getting high grades on her technology based lessons. She had severe anger issues when it came to others so she usually remained closed off from everyone else at her school aside from her brothers and her friends.

At the age of 11, Misteria had been considered an IT prodigy and was offered a place at the Soleanna Collage of Technology, but she declined the offer before even bringing it up to her parents.