This character belongs to ElectricSparx.


Age: Unknown, believed to be 16-19

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Mr. E (real name unknown) is one of the original Wanderers. He is arguably the most well-known of the original Wanderers, always appearing in new points in space-time to help people out. His goals, however are largely unknown, but he will carry out tasks to the end, going as far to chase down villains to far-off lands just to stop them. He is a very skilled fighter, but usually will only fight people if necessary.

He is 6'3", wears a cloak that covers the majority of his body, and has a katana with elemental properties and a special sniper rifle which was hand-crafted. He also possesses various healing magics, but it is unknown how he obtained these.


Mr. E's past is, well, a mystery. Nobody knows how he became a Wanderer besides himself and the other original Wanderers.

He has been sighted around Mobius however, and it's claimed he stopped the evil Princess Elizabeth in some undisclosed location.

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