Name: Nightstorm

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Age: Ageless (Died at 18 Years Old)

Species: Cat Spirit

Alighment: Good


Nightstorm is a black cat with silver ears,paws,and tail. Her hair color is dark gray with a silver streak in her hair and has a white muzzle. Her eye color is silver with one of her eyelids black instead of white. She wears black flare pants with silver edging. For her shirt she wears a white long sleeved shirt with again silver edging. She also wears a black leather jacket and wears black combat boots.

Back Story

Nightstorm was born in a tribe of cats. She lived a happy life until she turned 18. Her parents were killed along with her and her tribemates. But she was given a second chance to live. She was reborn in her old body and went to venture around the city nearby. She found out she had the ability to become a spirit again and had the power of healing herself, the ability to control storms, and the ability to shoot black fire which she calls, spirit fire at her enemies. She saw Sonic fighting Robotnik along with his robots and helped him fight the robots and Robotnik. They won and Sonic was suprised with her abilities. With her they won each battle that they got into. Sonic never knew that she was reborn and had the ability to turn into her spirit form. She met Hurricane and became friends with her. They formed a friendship and then had a sister like relationship. She and Hurricane has things in common. They both lost their parents and much more. She formed a team called Team Storm. She, Hurricane, Night, Midnight, Forrest ,and Eclipse joined the team. They had incredible abilities and became a very strong team. She and her team live in peace to this very day.


Nightstorm is very brave and courageous. She is independent too. Nightstorm is very good at sneaking around and knows when one of her teammates are sad. She is well spoken and always knows what is right for the people she knows. She is wise and caring about anyone she knows. But be careful. She has a temper but she is calm and careful about her temper.