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Rosa is a 5'2 ft 122 lbs florakinetic Cupid/Hedgehog Mobian Hybrid with golden yellow eyes. She has charcoal black fur that cover most of her body with a ribbon red stripe that runs from her mid back town to her tail, moreover her muzzle, arms, and belly are a light peach colour. She has an assortment of quills that very in length and flow down to her lower back. Her attire consist of standard issue I.G.A Elite Mercenary Armour, Thigh high boots, Sleeveless leather vest w/ hoodie with the I.G.A logo on the back, power gauntlets, and assorted flower crown.


Early Life

Rosa was born to a single mother in the town of Ville Du Sanctuaire De Cristal which is the capitol of Empire Mer De Fleurs (uf). Her mother Rosario La Grace Valentine worked as a member of the royal ambassador and spiritual aid or High priestess. Most of Rosa's early childhood was spent accompanying her mother on Important trips to the castle or at home with her mother in the garden. As Rosa grew older she gradually started spend time with kids of her own age instead of being with her mother 24/7. As time went on Rosa blossomed into a loving and caring girl befriending most of the children in her village including her best friend Amy rose. In time Rosa noticed that she was starting to develop powers of florakinesis. She was able to manipulate flowers and create beauty where ever she went. She was very proud of herself for bring a new joy to her village but others were not as accepting of Rosa or her abilities. on a warm spring day Rosa went to a near by a stream to play with Amy and a couple of her other friends until some bullies decided to ruin her fun. The mocked Rosa for being "different", they threw rocks at Rosa and her friends all while shouting out insensitivities at them. Amy and the other tried to cheer Rosa up but the damage had already been done as she went home that day. She couldn't help but feel sorry for herself when she made her way back home sobbing on and off all the while. When she finally made her way to her village that evening the hustle and bustle of day time activities dying down for the day. As she slowly walked down the one of stone roads she could faintly heard the sound of someone screaming in an ally. As she made her way to the source of the sound she was finally able to hear the cry's of help coming from on of her bullies. He was a young raccoon named Lewisii and was around the same age as Rosa. Lewisii was being held up by a shady looking man who kept yelling at Lewisii telling him to give him all the gold coin that was in his pockets of face dire consequences. As Rosa composed herself she gathered all the strength in her tiny body and yelled in a shrill horse voice " leave my friend alone you creep!". The man turned to see they tiny girl with the angriest expression she could muster on her face tears still flowing all the while. As the man glanced at the pint sized hero and broke out in histarical laughter as he began to scold the young girl. "Run home sweetheart" he said " you don't know what you up against." He scoffed She repeated herself "Leave my friend alone! o-or.." Rosa stammered He man laughed harder " Or want you call out of your daddy to come save you!?" " y-you better listen to her" Lewisii said "she's got magical power!" Lewisii yelled. "yeah right" the man said clearly skeptical. He man readied his dagger as he made his advance toward Lewisii, he raised his dagger high in the air but before he brought down his weapon on the small child he felt something tight wrap around his wrist. He felt his feet leave the ground as he was sent flying in the opposite direction of Lewisii. The man stunned at what just happened got an ran way yelling and screaming "she's the devil". Rosa turned to Lewisii asked if he was okay, Lewisii run to Rosa's arms and thanked her for saving him and apologized for everything he did earlier. After walking Lewisii she went home and told her mother what happened. Though her mother was obviously distraught with what happen she was also proud of her daughter. From that day on Rosa had expressed the desire to help and protect people in need.

Academie Militaire de la Mer Des Fleurs:

At the age of 13 Rosa was sent to Academie Militaire de la Mer Des Fleurs a prostigeious military academy


Rosa is best described as Quiet, Calm, a little shy and very selfless. Rosa will often put the safety of others before her own which causes her to throw herself into danger without think about it. Her reckless behavior causes her to get injured often, sometimes a heroic sacrifice is not needed. She is also blindly trusting, giving most people the benefit of the doubt before they show their true colours. This leads to Rosa being fooled by cunning villains or persuasive people in general.

Powers , Abilities, and Weapons


Hp: 2,223

Though her Hp is high for some one her age one well placed bullet or Dark move types can do significant damage or put her down for good. It is rare for Hp to be displayed in battle making it a very arbitrary stat, the display or checking of the Hp stat is just way to "size up" an opponent.

Speed: 3/10

She's not very fast...That's about it.

Strength: 7.5/10

She is one of the strongest characters besides Knuckles himself though she gives him a run for his money. her super strength is a natural ability/an inborn power though it unclear who she inherited her power from. As she trained and honed her fighting skill she was able to grow this power. Its been said that one of Rosa's punches is the equivalent of getting hit by five sixteen wheelers at full speed

Stamina: 6.4/10

Rosa has been ranked no.2 as the I.G.A's best sniper only to be beaten out by Uta Nagareboshi. Being one of the best snipers means you must have incredible endurance and lazer like focus. Rosa has spent countless hours meditating and practicing to hone this skill in hopes to one day surpass her commander.

Dexterity: 7.8/10

Eyes, ears, reflexes, fingers, and a gun are a snipers best tools, without them they're as good as dead.



User can create, shape and manipulate flowers, they can cause flowers and parts of the flowers, including petals, stems and pollen, to grow and bloom, move/attack, mutate flowers by rearranging DNA structure, and revive withered or dead flowers. -


Because she is not very skilled in healing magic Rosa can only heal others through physical contact. She cannot fully heal lethal wounds and healing server or lethal wounds can cause her body to deteriorate.


Main Weapons:

338 Lapua:

The .338 Lapua magnum rifle Is a anti material semi-automatic sniper with a range of 3561 yards ( 2 miles), with sharp eyes and quick reflexes it makes this gun good at popping heads from long distance. This gun interchangeable with the 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Tactical Shotgun though Rosa tends to lean more towards the Lapua.

12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Tactical Shotgun

The XTR-12GA is a semi automatic shotgun that has a capacity of five rounds, it has high recoil and is interchangeable with the .338 lapua for she can only carry one of these high powered weapons on a mission, It depends on the situation.

Crescent Moon And Scarlet Devil:

Secondary Weapons:

Dual Glock 34's

Twin 9 mm pistols with detachable lazer scopes. These with pistols hold up about 17 round each and have minimal recoil. These are Rosa's secondary weapon that she always takes on a mission

Concealable Revolver:

A small yet powerful gun, it is able to be hidden in the most unlike of places making the wilder of this weapon unpredictable and deadly.

Combat Knife:

A black steel knife that is good for close range combat.

Combat Experience and Training:

Personal Information

  • Age: 20
  • Full Name: Rosa Mon Amour Valentine III
  • Blood Type: AB+
  • Species: Brandt’s Algerian Hedgehog mix
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • D.O.B: Day 45, 3217
  • Home Kingdom: Mer De Fleurs Empire (uf)
  • Hometown: Ville Du Sanctuaire De Cristal
  • Likes: Classical music, Yoga, Tea, Baking, Dancing, composing piano sheet music, and Knitting
  • Dislikes: Sudden loud noises, getting dirty,
  • Hobbes and Talents: She loves to play the piano on her spare time. It brings back fond memories from when she was a child.



Amy Rose

Amy and Rosa grew up in the same village as next door neighbors. The were good friends and even walked to school together every morning.

Sally Acorn

Through vast connections from the I.G.A and collaborations with different resistance groups Rosa eventually found herself lending a helping hand to a group called the Freedom Fighters on more than one occasion, especially after hearing that her childhood friend Amy was one of them.Through these connections she met Princess Sally Acorn and has helped and served her countless time. Though they are not best friends the keep in contact quite often.

Rouge The Bat

Out of all the people Rosa has met on her journeys there is no one she confides in more than Rouge The Bat. Despite Rouge's flirtatious nature she has proven to be not only a great friend to Rosa but even gives her advise when ever she feels hopeless.

Tails The Fox

Rosa displays interest and is very intrigued in Tails intellectual prowess. Everyone loves a good underdog story and Rosa is no exception, she's always interested in what new invention Tails has to show off and is always rooting for the little guy.

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles is more of a friendly rival to Rosa, they are always trying to out do each other when it comes to their strength. Knuckles insist that he is stronger when it comes to the two of them, Rosa uses knuckles playful banter to push herself to become stronger. She Does find Knuckles's teasing and anger a bit annoying from time to time.

Melody Song

Melody is a combat medic on Rosa's team at the I.G.A. Melody and Rosa share a lot of the same interest such as tea drinking, classical music, and knitting. Their conversations are usually brief but enjoyable.

Taiga Evans

Most find it quite weird when Taiga tells people that she is good friends with Rosa. Rosa would be the last person people would expect Taiga to hang around given the vastly different personalities. Though Taiga finds it amusing trying to get Rosa to some out of her shell especially when it is way out of Rosa's comfort zone.

Kaiketsu Nagareboshi


Scourge The Hedgehog

Uta Nagareboshi