Safaia the Hedgehog2

Safaia the Hedgehog (made with base, drawn by SapphireLegend, shaded by wildigrlN)

This is the evil zone version of Saffy the Hedgehog.


Safaia was born on the same day that Saffy was. She and Nightshade (Evil Wildcat) also became best friends. But on the day that Saffy and Wildcat’s parents were killed by Saffy’s house falling down, Safaia’s house stayed up. (This was because Dr. Eggman was not evil in Moebius. He had no reason to bomb their house.) However, Safaia’s parents were neglecting, and she struggled to stay alive until she became a teenager. Once she became a teenager, she met Patch (Evil Antoine) and they became unlikely friends. Once Patch heard about her plight with her parents, he took it into his own hands and killed both of them with his sword. Safaia (being rather evil) was delighted, and joined Patch’s gang of Evil Mobians (including Scourge).


She is currently dating Patch.


Like Saffy, Safaia is light blue and has a Sapphire in her forehead. She has a tan muzzle and arms.

Unlike Saffy, however, Safaia has ears. She has blue bangs with dark gray tips and longer spines. She has heterochromic eyes; one blue, one red. She wears a tank top thing, a belt, short shorts and shoes, all dark gray/black. She tends to wear blue lipstick and blue eyeshadow.