Sofia is an Char that have the First appearence a Giveaway of LittLEMiSSBuTTerFLY on Scratch,and Now belongs to User:MinecraftFan11onScratch.

Sofia The Hedgehog Reference

Sofia Reference


Sofia is an Silly girl,but also is Serious in Correct times.She is very Adventurous and Tomboy,and sometimes Live Mad Adventures with Her Best friend.


Sofia have Green Fur,Yellow Hair,Pink Clothes,Blue Shorts and Dark Blue Clothes.Her eyes are Light Pink.

Non-Romantic Relationships

Amarachi the Lemur

Amarachi and Sofia are best Friends,but live very Weird adventures.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sofia have the Same reaction that Amarachi have for Shadow.

Romantic Relationships



Sofia have Flower Powers:She can Make every type of Flower,but,it was Very Weak for Battle.So,in Battle,she geraly Run for Backwards of her Buddy's.


Sofia dreamed to walk into an Forest.But,only with Her 12 Years (Her Actually years),she Did have the Permission of her Father for walk in a Forest.

Sofia,in an Forest,ended Meeting Shadow TH,that attacked Sofia.But sofia Puted Shadow for Run with Amarachi help.

Actually,Sofia and Amarachi was Living much Adventures.

Theme Songs

Main Theme

Nights journey of dreams 76 Dreams Dreams (instrumental)05:50

Nights journey of dreams 76 Dreams Dreams (instrumental)

Her Stage Theme

NiGHTS Journey of Dreams - Growing Wings02:32

NiGHTS Journey of Dreams - Growing Wings

Her Boss Theme

Nights journey of dreams 38 Queen Bella's Ball02:18

Nights journey of dreams 38 Queen Bella's Ball


  • Her stage was an Animated Flower Place
  • She was an Very Weak Boss,and,Portant,easy for Defeat


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