The Zzinthine are a large species originally known as Demonweapons inhabiting Chinvuuni, originally only being a select few beings until the timeline was altered by the original Demonweapon, Drako. Too see more on how this species was created, go here. (Pronounced Zee-Zin-Thine)

(This is an open species, I would be delighted to see some characters from it, let me know if you make one)


Zzinthine are a group of somewhat powerful creatures, each sporting the ability to control elemental energy. The type of energy they control can vary anywhere from Dark to light, or fire to water. However, they can only control one. Some Zzinthine possess the natural ability to regenerate, some regenerating faster then others. They can speak telepathically if needed, as well. The Zzinthine have clawed hands and feet, as well as long tails, some having things like spikes at the end of them. Their muzzle is usually spiked, and their eyes have a sort of protective piece around them that can be all sorts of different patterns.

Drako reference sheet

The reference sheet of Drako, the original Zzinthine. Clothes and hair do not matter. Eye color may also vary.

Zzinthine are also born with large, dragon-like wings, some with horns at the ends. Zzinthine usually have different colors of blood, and their eyes will be the same color as their blood. Zzinthine have an amazing genetic code that seems to be able to adapt, and can be altered to have different powers, if done correctly. Many Zzinthine have the natural ability to fight, while others are naturally very intelligent. A select few are both. Zzinthine are born with a high amount of strength, being able to lift a car by the age of twenty; without training.


Zzinthine live in the ruins from what remains of the once great, technologically advanced civilization of the Chivuuni, the original inhabitants of the planet, before they were killed off. The Zzinthine believe that only the strongest can be the ruler of them, and have a religion where they believe that an the original Zzinthine who is more powerful then the others exists, who will one day return and rule over them. (This religion of theirs is somewhat far-fetched though, as Drako is NOT the most powerful Zzinthine) They find combat enjoyable, and can usually be seen sparring with eachother. Class in culture is represented by strength, those who are stronger are usually rich or higher class, and weaker Zzinthine are lower class, or poor. Because of this, scientists have little influence in the culture and can be bitter to those who are fighters. Zzinthine will usually never turn down a challenge, and enjoy fighting any and all opponents, but will usually not respect someone weaker then them.