Static is a porcupine. Her favourite things to do are listen to non-mainstream music and flip her pencil at the back of the class thinking she is better then everyone else quoting some things she found in youtube comment sections; even though she just comes off as ignorant and a jerk. She believes her IQ is that of Steven Hawking, and is obviously the next genius soon to solve the secrets of our existance before arising to that of a god to look down on us all.

She also loves to speak down on others, as obviously she is the pinicle of evolution and quite possibley the most perfect, kawaii and original being in existance, despite her outfit being a sonic/amy rip-off with a different colour pallete. 

She hates people better then her and speaks her mind, even if it makes her sound like a complete idiot: which it does. 

She hopes to one day be just like her weeaboo waifu, Elizabeth-chan and is currently married to Cheese the Chao, but hopes one day to attract the attention of Chris-chan senpai desu.


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