"Tech--Chao!" -Techi the Chao

Techi is an Rare High-Tech Female Chao who is founded by Seong Wook,but is Raised by Jin Kim the Rabbit.

She belongs to User:MinecraftFan11onScratch

Techi the Chao

Techi the Chao Main Pic (Base by knuckles119 on Deviantart)




Type of Chao:High-Tech Chao

Owner:Jin Kim the Rabbit

Powers:Same of Jin Kim,but more Weak

Personality:Curious,Naive sometimes,an Bit of Personality of Jin Kim

How Techi met Her Owner

Her clan of High-Tech Chaos (An Rare type of Chao) exited for another Area without her (In this time,in form of Egg).Seong Wook founded Techi in Egg form and solved give to Jin Kim.The Egg rached in the Path that Jin Kim was making.Techi and Jin Kim ended turning very well Friends and,In Much times,Jin kim is seen with Techi the Chao.