Name: Wind, Wind Flight (Tribe Name)


Age: 20 (Ageless though can die)


Alignment: Good


Pale Brown Cat with Dark Brown Wiry Tabby Pattern along with Darker Brown Hair and Yellow eyes. She wears very Pale Brown pants, a Dark Brown shirt, and a Pale Brown hood that covers her eyes.


Wind was a happy girl in her tribe. She knew she always wanted to be the healer of her tribe and be apprenticed by their healer, Swift Breeze. Luckily, she was indeed apprenticed by Swift Breeze. She fought hard as her apprentice. One day, her mother's sister was having children, Wind fought hard but her mother's sister didn't make it or the ofter 2 but 1 did. The 1 child was a Female Silver Tabby with Light Blue eyes. She named the child Jay Wing. Though out her life she raised Jay Wing or Jay for short. Her mentor died from a chest infection and Wind became healer in her place. Wind was visited by Sonic and his team when he was injured and she was collecting herbs for her tribe. She nursed Sonic back to health and Sonic thanked her. He asked if she wanted to be on the team and she accepted. She let Jay Wing take her place as healer when she was gone. She still visits her tribe and goes to Sonic when they really need her.


She is Loyal to her tribe including Jay Wing. She is always protective of Jay Wing. Jay Wing is like her daughter and always knows what is going on in her mind or when is sad. She is a noble person too. She is wise with herbs and always knows which herb is which. She also does what she thinks is best, even if that means sacrifice.


Her abilities are unique. She is Swift as the Wind,her abilities for healing are fascinating,and has a unusall power for Controlling the air.


Jay Wing

Her is relationship with Jay Wing is strong. She never leaves Jay Wing behind. Jay Wing is like her daughter.


Wind and Sonic are best friends. If Sonic needs her she will always be there for him.

Blaze the Cat

She and Blaze are the best of friends. They will never EVER leave each ofter behind in a battle.


Knuckles finds her untrusting. But Wind respects it as she respects her Tribe-Mates


Tails likes Wind. He finds her super nice and has a fascination of her telling which herbs help for certain wounds,diseases,or infections. He really wishes to be her apprentice.


She is based of the Founder of WindClan, Wind or Windstar from the book series Warriors.

She is also based of a Medicine Cat from the book series Warriors